What is Media Monitoring?

Simply put, media monitoring is the task of monitoring the output of print, online and broadcast media. For most companies, this is a vital step in PR strategy, as you must be aware of everything that goes on in your own industry in order to remain focused and foretelling of upcoming trends. You need to understand how your organisation is being presented and perceived, but you also need to be aware of what your competition is doing and the general PR trends and activities of your industry, which is why monitoring all that is mentioned about you and your competitors is vital in growing as a company.

What does Lanka Monitoring Agency do?

With over 100 media outlets in Sri Lanka and countless online publishers and broadcasters, keeping track of what is said about you, your company and brand is quite an arduous and expensive task to do yourself. Lanka Monitoring is a Media Monitoring agency specializing in Researching, Monitoring, Analysing and Archiving advertisements and public relations activities of specific industries. LMA, therefore, offers media monitoring on all mediums including newspapers/print media, TV, Radio and now, Social Media.

For these reasons, LMA service is much sought after, primarily for verifying advertising but more critically for tracking competitor media activity. Furthermore, with LMA’s library archive covering over 10 years of data on various industries, LMA also offers detailed search and analytical tools for comprehensive industry analysis and insights; giving you ample opportunities to adjust and adapt your strategy accordingly.

What are the benefits of this service?

From its inception in 2008, Lanka Monitoring Agency was the first and only company to offer clients direct online access to the full library of stored media. It is also the first to offer a daily email service of relevant ads and articles right to your desktop the same day at the beginning of the workday. Thus, while it is possible to have this service done internally, the benefits of using a third-party service are invaluable as not only is it a much lower cost, but it is done in a very systematic way that has been perfected over the years, allowing you to get an outsider view of your company and your industry in a way that is 100% accurate.

Our Services

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All national newspapers and two Jaffna newspapers

All Tabloids & 11 Magazines.

Access to Web Archive.

Deliverables: Daily review of all media on the same

day at 8:30am


TV Commercials & News

(Time checks, Crawlers)

Weekly & Monthly reports.

Verification against schedule with actual air time.

Access to web archive.

Deliverables; Daily update on .second day 3.00pm

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All 7 days

Ads , News & Content tracking.

(DJ endorsements, time checks, sponsorships)

Weekly & Monthly reports.

Verification against schedule with actual air time.

Access to web archive.

Deliverables; Daily update on .second day 3.00pm


Website monitoring, Facebook Pages, Twitter,

YouTube, Forums, Blogs, Comments.

Analyze what people are saying, when they said it, and and providing reports including sentiment analysis.

why. Finding influencers, compare with competitors

Deliverables: Report on the second day at 12.30 pm

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